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Margarita Man Frozen Beverage Mix

We manufacture our award-winning mix concentrates in Texas. Our liquid concentrates are naturally flavored. All flavors are perfectly formulated with pure can sugar to make mouthwatering frozen drinks in any frozen beverage machine or blender. Each half gallon margarita concentrate makes 3.5-gallons of frozen drinks.


  • This is the same Margarita Man mix sold to restaurant and bar suppliers nationwide as a top tier product that now you can provide and serve at your event with or without alcohol.
  • Although Margarita Man mix may appear to cost more, you get a lot more beverage than your ready-to-pour store bought mixes. One batch of our Margarita Man mix makes the equivalent of 7.5 bottles (1.75 liter) of store bought ready-to-pour mixes so its much less costly to use our mix in our machines!
  • Margarita Man mixes are not made with High Fructose Corn Syrup but with Pure Cane Sugar and feature natural ingredients that pronounce the flavors producing a noticeable taste difference versus other brands and substitutes.
  • All flavors can be used to make a non-alcoholic slushie using our mix with water.
  • Most flavors will require 1.75 liters of alcohol along with approximately 2.5 gallons of water to make frozen cocktails. Skip the alcohol and make non-alcoholic slushies.
  • Margarita Man concentrates come packed six 1/2 Gals per case and each case weighs 35.5 pounds.

*All mix sales are final

*Some flavors are out of stock. Please feel free to reach out to check availability

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