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Dual Bowl Granita Machine Package

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Dual Bowl Granita Machine Package

***The Dual Bowl Granita Machine can only operate at temperatures below 80 degrees and cannot be placed outside in the summer.

**For machines that can be placed outdoors, check out our Single Machine Package or our 2 Machines Package

Dual Bowl Granita Machine Package Includes:

  • 1 Dual Flavor Beverage Machine (events with up to 50 guests)
  • 2 Batches of Frozen Beverage Mix
  • 1 Sleeves of Cups (50 cups)
  • 1 Rim Salter (with lime flavor)
  • 1 Skirted Cart for the Machine
  • 1 Mixing Bucket with Spoon
  • 1 Extension Cord 25ft

If you are making cocktails, please have the alcohol ready to make your first batch. We will give you the recipe for the flavor you selected. For non-alcoholic slushies use water with our mix.

  • Delivery fee applies to all orders. We deliver on the day of your event and pick up the following day.
  • Same day pick up is by request for an additional fee and is subject to availability.
  • Extra mix and cups are provided with every order. We charge for the extra mix and cups used and take back any unopened product at pick up.
  • Pricing only applies to private events. For public events and trade shows please call for a quote.

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