Frequently asked questions

Q. How much is it to rent a frozen beverage machine package?

Our daily rental rates start at $159 for our single machine package for private events. This includes your first batch of mix, a sleeve of 50 cups and a rim salter. We have seperate rates for conventions, trade shows and public events. See our rentals page for details.

Q. How much is the delivery fee?

There is a $59 delivery fee applied to all orders. If you add other party rentals items to your order. This fee covers delivery on the day of your event and pick-up the following day.

Q. What flavors do you offer?

All of our mixes are non-alcoholic gourmet mixes made with real fruit. You can use them to make cocktails or a non-alcoholic frozen beverages, it's up to you. Just click on our Flavors tab to view them all.

Q. Are the machines easy to use?

Absolutely. When we arrive we show you how to make a batch and we make the first one for you. Once we get the machine set up all you do is drink and maybe make more. Refill when the light comes on and turn off the machine when you are done. Best of all, your guests can serve themselves so you can enjoy the party!

Q. Who provides the alcohol?

The customer has to provide the alcohol for the machine. Unfortunately, we are not allowed because of local liquor laws.

Q. Do I have to use alcohol in the machine?

Short answer, No. You can use any of our flavors to make a non-alcoholic slushy and some of our flavors works as a smoothie too for any events that don't include alcohol. You also have the option of adding alcohol to the cup and then fill with slushie. For this option we recommend keeping the alcohol cold to keep it from melting away the ice.

Q. How many servings per batch of mix?

Each batch of mix makes approximately 65 - 7oz servings. We don't recommend large cups because it gets poured out because it melts before the guests drinks it. That's why we provide 9oz cups with every order. They are the perfect size.

Q. How long does it take the machine to freeze?

It varies between the 2 types of machines we offer.
  1. Single Machine takes between 40-80 minutes to freeze depending on the temperature around the machine. This machine can freeze in high temps outdoors.
  2. The 2 Bowl Granita Machine takes 90-120 minutes to freeze and cannot be placed outdoors. This machine cannot operate at temperatures above 85 degrees

Q. What is the differance between the Single Machine and the 2 Bowl Granita Machine?

Both machines produce the same texture of frozen beverage. The main difference between the 2 types of machine we offer is the refreeze capabilities.

  1. The Single Machine freezes in 40-80 minutes and once frozen there is not delay between batches. A "MIX OUT" light comes on when the top of the machine is running low and it is time to refill. As long as you keep mix in the top of the machine you shouldn't run out of frozen. This machine can freeze up to 5 gallons of mix per hour (this rating is at indoor temp).
  2. The 2 Bowl Granita Machine takes 90-120 minutes to freeze. If you run out of mix on 1 of the bowls and want to make more it will take an additional 90-120 minutes for that batch to freeze. This machine is best for long duration events or short events that wont need more than 2 batches of mix (roughly 100-120 servings).

Q. How much power do I need?

Each machine will require a designated 15 amp, 110 volt power source. That's a regular plug, you just can't share it with anything else. This is most important if you are renting more than 1 machine or if you have other items that require power such as a DJ or lots of lighting. We do the set up for you and we provide a 25ft extension cord just in case it is needed so we will go over this at the time of delivery.

Q. How big are the machines?

Both styles of machine are commercial grade machines that are about the size of a large microwave. They are delivered on a skirted cart with that stays with the machine. The carts are about 17 inches wide and about 3 ft deep so they fit in most areas. The machine sits on the cart at a perfect height for self servings your frozen beverages.

Q. Can you deliver upstairs?

No. Sorry but the machines are too heavy to lift up any staircases. With the exception of a single step we avoid stairs altogether.

Q. Do I have to clean the machine?

No! All you do is drink and turn it off when you are done. When we pick up the machine the day after your event we will drain the machine and take it away.

Q. When do you pick up the machine?

Pick up of your order is usually the day after or later if you select a multi-day order. If same day pick up is needed please let us know. Same day pick up is by request an additional $59 and is subject to availability. We only deliver and pick up during our normal business hours.

Q. Can I pick up the machine or return it to you?

No. We don't offer a customer pick up option for our machines. In fact, any unauthorized transport of our machine(s) will result in a $500 fine. Please do not attempt to relocate, lift or otherwise move machines.

Q. Can I use a long extention cord?

A 25 ft heavy-duty extension cord is provided for each machine. Extension cords should always be heavy duty (12 gauge) and should not exceed 50 ft.

Q. How many machine are recomended?

  • Up to 50 Guests --- Single machine or 2 Bowl Granita
    • 1 to 3 Mixes
  • 50 - 100 Guests --- Single Machine or 2 Machines
    • 3 to 5 Mixes
  • 100 - 150 Guests --- 2 Machines
    • 4 - 8 Mixes
  • 150 - 200 Guests --- 2 - 3 Machines
    • ​​​​​​​5 - 9 Mixes
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​200 or More Guests --- ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Call for quote 702-839-4400

Q. Do I need to provide ice?

No. You wont need ice. You provide alcohol and/or water to make the mix. The machine will do all the freezing.

Q. Can the rental order be picked up the same day as delivery?

Yes. Same day pick up is by request for an additional $59 and is subject to availability.