A quick word regarding our world-class mix…

    • A noticeable taste difference with our high quality Margarita Man mixes vs. other brands and substitutes
    • Margarita Man mixes feature natural ingredients that pronounce the flavors and enhance your cocktail
    • Yes, Margarita Man mix may cost more because it’s a concentrate, but as a concentrate it also makes a lot more than your ready-to-pour store bought brands by 2X to 3X, so it’s cheaper to use in our margarita machines
    • This is the same Margarita Man mix sold to restaurant and bar suppliers nationwide as a top tier product that you too can provide and serve at your event through Margarita Man exclusively!

Mouse Over Flavors for Descriptions

FLAVOR MARGARITA (Tequila) DAIQUIRI (Rum) CHICHI (Vodka) Peach Bellini (Champagne) KALUHA SMOOTHIE (add milk) KID FAVORITES
Traditional Lime Margarita Rum
Strawberry Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alcoholic
Razzmatazzberry Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Summertime Lemonade Margarita Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Mango Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Peach Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies
Tropical Knockout Rum Vodka Champagne Non-Alchoholic
Cherry Bomb Rum Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Mai Tai Rum Vodka
Pina Colada Rum Vodka Kaluha Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Pain Killer Rum Vodka
Goombay Smash Rum Vodka Champagne Non-Alchoholic
Blue Raspberry Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Watermelon Non-Alchoholic Non-Alchoholic